Milky Way Tech Hub Partners with American Family Institute and MKE Black to Support Small Businesses

The Milky Way Tech Hub has partnered with American Family Institute to deploy several $1,000 grants to business owners with 10 employees or less who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jet Constellations’ social impact arm The Milky Way Tech Hub initiative is focused on transforming Milwaukee into a tech hub representing the city’s diverse population. The pandemic has highlighted digital disparities in the city. More local businesses are looking for guidance and resources to assist with implementing technology into their business operations. The questions posed in the grant application cause applicants to consider how they can begin enabling technology into their business.

American Family Institute, presenting partner of The Milky Way Tech Hub, is the primary sponsor of the Milky Way Tech Hub Small business grants for Covid 19 Relief.

MKE Black has also partnered with this initiative in efforts to expand the reach of the grant and assist with deployment of funds .

“In ever changing markets and difficult times such as these, it’s increasingly important that Black-owned businesses invest in the technologies of the futures to meet changing consumer needs.  MKE Black is proud to partner with the Milky Way Tech Hub to help local businesses incorporate tech so that they can survive and thrive!”  Rick Banks of MKE Black .

Apply Here!

Shop to Support Small Businesses

In efforts to continue raising funds for small businesses in the city of Milwaukee MKE Black has partnered with Milky Way Tech Hub to launch an ecommerce platform. 50% of the proceeds from all the merchandise on the site will go toward small businesses from now until the end of June.

Shop now to support small businesses!

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