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STEAM & Dream Week 4: Product Development+ Prototyping

This week we are learning about the prototyping phase in product development. The prototyping phase is experimental. The goal is to identify the best possible solution by creating a representation of your product. You should produce some inexpensive, scaled-down versions of the product (or specific features found within the product) to research the ideas you’ve generated with your target customer […]


STEAM & Dream Week 3: Product Development+ Ideate

This week we are learning about the ideate phase in product development. It’s time to step through the ideation phase. This is sometimes thought of as the most exciting phase because you’ll have the ability to think of an abundance of ideas and narrow them down to the most practical and sensible solutions. In this weeks activity we will draw […]


STEAM & Dream Week 2: Product Development+ Define

This week we are learning about the define phase in product development. In the Define stage, we compile information from the empathize phase to discover a problems that can be solved. This is the time where you will analyze your observations and prioritize them in order of which problems you found were causing the most pain to your user/target customer. […]


STEAM & Dream Week 1: Product Development+ Empathy

Product development is a series of steps that includes the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of newly created or newly rebranded goods or services. Its exciting to develop ideas with unique characteristics that offer new or additional benefits to a customer. Product development may involve modification of an existing product or an development of an entirely new product that satisfies […]


STEAM & Dream Week 4: Python – Real World Applications + Explore Your Digital Footprint

In lesson 4 we will learn the many applications of Python. Python is used for scientific research and computing and even has several science-friendly or science-specific libraries including Astropy for astronomy, Biopython for biology and bioinformatics, Graph-tool for statistical analysis of graphs, Psychopy for neuroscience and experimental psychology. Python is also great for machine learning. Machine learning includes things like […]


STEAM & Dream Week 3: Python Gaming

This week we will be learning about gaming! Computer games are becoming an increasingly prominent part of our everyday lives, from entertainment to education. With the growth of games, there are more opportunities for computer scientist in the gaming industry. Programming skills and a mathematical foundation are essential to a career in game development and design. When considering how computer […]


STEAM & Dream Week 2: Python Graphics

In this lesson we will learn how to use python to create graphics. Computer graphics is a sub-field of computer science which studies methods for digitally synthesizing and manipulating visual content. To create graphics we will have to import modules. Importing modules is a critical skill when learning Python. A module is a file containing a set of functions you […]


STEAM & DREAM Week 1: Introduction to Python

This week we will be learning about the basics of Python programming language. Python is a fun and simple programming language. It’s a powerful language used by the top software firms in the world such as Google, Amazon, IBM. In the upcoming lessons you’ll learn how to code in python and explore a new world of possibilities of coding. In […]


STEAM & Dream Week 4: Digital Footprint

A digital footprint is the trail of information you leave behind when you use the internet. Depending on your values, priorities, age, school, family expectations and other factors, you’ll want to set and keep boundaries that work for you. In this weeks lesson you will learn how to become a good digital citizen. This includes how to manage time spent […]


STEAM & Dream Week 3: Putting it to Practice

This week we will be putting what we’ve learned the last two weeks to practice! Creating an app empowers you to become a UX designer, a marketer, a project manager and a leader!  In addition to all the marketing, graphic design, programming, and content creation activities that take place when you create an app, you are learning the power of […]


STEAM & Dream Week 2: Computational Thinking

This week we will be learning about Computational Thinking which is a fancy way of saying problem solving. In this week’s lesson you will learn how to identify the important details to solve a problem, break down the problem into logical steps and create a process that solves the problem. You’ll also be introduced to topics around user experience and […]


STEAM & DREAM Week 1: Learning to Code

This week we will be learning about the fundamentals of computer programming. In this lesson you’ll understand how computers understand you! An algorithm is a detailed, step-by-step process followed in order to accomplish a specific task or to solve a specific problem. Computer algorithms can appear complex, but the underlying concept is approachable for both adults and kids. In this […]

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STEAM + DREAM Curriculum – A Solution for Students

The state’s Safer at Home order has transformed many parents into teachers overnight. Thousands of families are tasked with keeping the minds of young people engaged during this time. In response to Covid -19 American Family has partnered with the Sherman Phoenix, The Milky Way Tech Hub and Connect Business Consulting to develop an online curriculum for elementary and middle school students.  The STEAM […]